Liz Evans

Liz has worked in the textile arts since the eighties, chiefly in hand and machine embroidery, custom design fashion and traditional millinery. Felt has been her principal art medium since 1990 when she discovered this ancient technique and was fascinated by the versatility and excited by the possibilities it offered.

Continuing to explore the medium, Liz has always enjoyed the challenge offered by the creation of three-dimensional felt works. This led her naturally into millinery, making hats both as fashion items and as wearable sculptured art. In recent years her fascination has been for more abstract vessel forms and baskets.

Liz has exhibited widely and regularly tutors, passing on her knowledge and love of felting as an expressive medium. She has published two e-books: Layers for Feltmakers and 126 Tips for Feltmakers. Read more at Textiles Anyone.