Therese Nash

I was introduced to felt making at the bus depot markets about 10 years ago.  I was immediately drawn by the tactile nature of the process and the speed with which wool fibres became fabric.  I attended a workshop in Goulburn with Carol Divall and walked away with a nuno scarf and the skill to try some more things.  I was hooked.

Art was my first love and has been a big part of my life in various guises: painting, drawing and photography in particular.  I see felt making as fulfilling this need to satisfy my creative side.  I am particularly fascinated with how adaptive a rectangle can be and, indeed, much of my work is based on the rectangle.  Fashion is my passion and much of my work is in pursuit of the perfect garment.  It's still a long way off, but I'm having a great journey.

Image of felted tea cosy by Terry Nash

Purple vest and skirt by Terry Nash

Green hat by Terry Nash